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M&H Signs Estimator App   
  • Purpose

    While out in the field doing installs, the employees of M&H Signs were often asked for quotes. With the many different materials and options available, it was hard to remember prices and calculate costs. The owner was finding that quotes were inaccurate and even forgotten. The solution: a mobile app that each employee could download on his/her phone to give quotes. This app works on Android and Apple phones.

  • Enter Specs

    The width and height can be entered and the square footage will be calculated. Or the square feet for the project can be entered directly. Next the options are selected – the vinyl material, laminate, and substrate, then printing and cut options. Finally, the 'price' button is tapped.

  • Price + Client Info

    The price is displayed in the first field. If the potential client is not happy with the price, the 'home' button can be tapped and new information entered for a new quote.

  • Client Info Entered

    If the potential client is happy with the quote or would like a follow up, his/her information is entered in the fields provided and the 'send' button is tapped. The app will interface with the email app on the phone to send the information to the owner of M&H Signs. Because the app uses the email app on the phone, other information can be entered before sending, for example: notes, discounts discussed or special instructions that may change the price.

  • Result A

    The “Success or Failure” screen displays a summary of the information and calculations. If the send did not work, the “Attempt Resend” button is enabled. On successful send, it is disabled (as in this screen shot).

  • Result B

    Pictured here is the lower half of the summary. The app may be closed from here or tapping the 'home' button will begin the process again.

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