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Application Development
Application that turn your dreams to realityApplications That Streamline Your Processes
Freelance IT Solutions can help you stay in total control of your information and your business. We provide custom applications to automate and simplify your business processes. With Internet connected computers, tablets and smartphones; your applications can be accessed from the field as well as the office.
Custom application solutions for:
  •    Appointment and Event Management
  •    Business Intelligence Systems
  •    Online Human Resourse Management
  •    Marketing Automation
  •    Employee and Client Portals
  •    Business Process Management
  •    Electronic Document Management
  •    Your process...
Electronic Document
Document Management
Businesses and organizations today have to deal with a lot of paperwork – employment, government, accounting, payroll, the list goes on. Freelance IT Solutions can create a custom, full-featured document management system for you that includes version control, access control (password protected), notification, electronic filing, printouts in multiple format, and more. With a custom solution to fit your need, you and your staff will spend less time organizing and filing paperwork and more time focusing on your business.

Appointment Systems
Appointment System & Event Planning Systems
Most businesses have a need for an appointment/scheduling system. Whether your need if for project management scheduling, staff / employee scheduling, client appointments or something else, Freelance IT Solutions can provide you with a custom, online solution to streamline your system. And these scheduling systems can be integrated with payroll, accounting, and HR management systems.

Because these system are web based, they can be accessed by employees or clients online (if you prefer). Appointments can be taken by a receptionist or scheduled by clients online using the same system. Meeting room can be scheduled and staff notified through the custom system. And managers can be automatically notified of possible conflicts. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Business Processes
Business Processes
It probably safe to say your job or managing your business has turned into a set of processes that take more time than you'd like – client tracking and management; invoice management; employee applications, interview, and hiring; government compliance; project management... well, there are just too many to keep listing.

At Freelance IT Solutions, we can convert these time consuming, inefficient, manual processes into web-based, automated processes. We will work with you to develop a custom system that meets YOUR needs and help your business run more efficiently.