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Why Kokopelli?
Kokopelli has a Long History of Joy and Prosperity
Kokopelli Panel Freelance I.T. Solutions LogoKokopelli is depicted on petroglyphs* and pottery throughout the Southwest United States, Central America and South America. The legends of Kokopelli go back about 3000 years. Stories of Kokopelli began in South America and spread with Aztec traders into the Southwestern U.S.

Kokopelli is known to some as a magician, to others a teacher, healer, or god of the harvest. Almost universally however, he was regarded as a harbinger of fertility, assuring success in hunting, growing crops, and human conception. According to Navajo legend, Kokopelli was the god of harvest and plenty. And in San Ildefonso legend, Kokopelli brought good luck and prosperity.

He and his magical flute traveled from village to village bestowing gifts and spreading cheer to all whom he visited. His flute was said to symbolize happiness and joy. When he played his flute, the sun came out, the snow melted, grass began to grow, birds began to sing, and all the animals gathered around to hear his songs. The magic of his flute was also thought to stimulate creativity and help good dreams come true.

With all the good luck, prosperity and happiness Kokopelli was thought to bring, it should be easy to understand why we chose Kokopelli as our company logo!

*Petroglyph – a rock carving, especially a prehistoric carving. Prehistoric rock art.