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Our Process
our processA Process for Success
Freelance IT Solutions provides custom applications, websites and online marketing plans to meet your needs. Over the years, we've developed a process that helps insure we develop the custom product you want. Our process is in-depth and helps us get to know you and your needs.
Our process successfully turns YOUR DREAMS into REALITY!
Process Interview
The Interview
Over the years we've learned that a thorough interview with the client is essential to a successful project. During the interview we discuss the goal (or goals) of the project, the target audience, and your expectations. We go through a feature breakdown and discuss deliverables so that both parties have a good idea of the time to completion.

Process Mock-Up
The Mock-Up
Next we provide the client with a mock-up for review. Depending on the project we may present you with a mock-up of the layout and design, a flow chart focusing on the steps of your process, an outline showing our understanding of the project, or all three. Our goal here is to give both parties a clear idea of the layout and 'flow' for the project.

Process Time Line
The Time Line
In this step, with the client, we develop a set of milestone and set up a time line for deliverables. We will look at the priorities with each step and develop a 'docket' for each milestone. The docket lists priorities along with a breakdown of what is necessary to achieve each milestone. Over the years we've discovered that what we, as developers, see as priorities are often not what the client sees as priorities. This step (along with good communication) helps everyone understand the 'what and why' that goes with each milestone and its priorities.

Contact Schedule
Weekly Contact
We schedule weekly meetings with the client. These meetings can be quick phone calls, teleconferences with all parties involved or (if in the area) on-site meetings. The goal here is to keep you up to date on our progress and to make sure we have not strayed from the objectives of the client. Each week we will review the progress from the past week and discuss what the priorities are for the coming week.

This step is often called the 'soft launch.' Your project is ready for your audience... but wait, is it? No matter how well a project is planned, there are always 'things' that pop up when the users begin to actually use it. In this step the project remains on the development servers, but is fully accessible. Everyone has a change to test everything in a real-world setting. Changes, fixes and tweaks happen here before the actual, public launch.

Project Launch
The project goes live! But wait – please don't think we're done! Somehow, no matter how much you test/fix/tweak, the users always find a way to 'break' things. We will remain with you for a while longer to solve the problems that might arise after the launch.