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Disney 2014 Grant Program   
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Application Process Flow

This is a simplified version of the flowchart showing the process Disney wanted for this application.

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Welcome Page

This is the start page that all visitors see. Applicants can proceed to the login page. New visitors are directed to the 'eligibility' requirements test.

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Eligibility Determination

Visitors must show that they are eligible to apply for the Disney Grant by answering a set of questions.

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Not Eligible

The system is programmed to let visitors know why they are not eligible. Also, depending on their answers, it may let them know of items that do not stop them from applying for the 2014 grant, but will cause ineligibility for the 2015 grant program.

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Create Account

Visitors that meet eligibility requirements are directed to a page that allows them to create an account for the 2014 grant program. Accounts are all password protected and secure. Visitors are now referred to as 'applicants.'

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Login Page

If the applicant is having problems remembering their password, it can be sent to the email address used to create the account by clicking the 'Forgot password?' link. For security purposes, the password is automatically sent to only that account.

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Form List

Applicants access and re-access the required forms from this page. All data is stored in a secure database.

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HTML Forms

All of the paper forms supplied by Disney have been re-created as online forms. Special effort was made to keep the online form layout as close to that of the paper forms as possible – some changes were necessary and always approved by Disney. The applicant may begin forms and save them without completing them. This allow applicants to gather needed information and come back to complete forms later.


Help Dialogs

All the forms include 'contextual help.' The small blue dots with question marks () may be clicked for help. Applicants are provided with specific help without leaving the form through the use of dialog pop ups.

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PDF Forms

After the applicant has completed all the forms, they submit them to Disney. Un-editable PDF documents are then created. Both Disney personnel and the applicant may view/download/print the documents in this format.

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