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Project Questionnaire
New Project QuestionnairePlease help us help you.
               We'd like to get to know you and your project needs.
Please provide as much information as you can. Some questions may not apply to your project, please just skip those. The informaion you provide will NOT be shared. The info is safe and will only be used for your project directly.
Company Information
Company Name:
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Primary Contact Name:
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Primary Contact Phone Number(s):
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Project Information
If you currently have a website (or websites) please enter the URL(s) here:
Where is/are your site(s) hosted?
Are you thinking of changing your hosting service?
Yes    No
Are there other sites that you like and would like to use as an example?
Will you provide all images / graphics? If so, are they Internet ready?
Yes    No    Some
The images are Internet ready (do not check if not sure or if all are not Internet ready).
Do you want a WordPress site?
Yes    No    Not sure
Please describe / explain what you are looking for with this site.

Site Functionality Requirements
Will you need a product or service catalog?
Yes    No
Estimated number of products / services:
Do you want to accept online payments?
Yes    No
Do you want visitors to be able to set appointments online?
Yes    No
Do you want map or "find our location" functionality?
Yes    No
Are online forms required?
Yes    No
Number of forms:
If you need online forms, are any of them layout specific, such as government forms?
Yes    No
Do you require a photo album or albums?
Yes    No
If yes, do you want to add / delete / modify albums yourself (without the help of a developer)?
Yes    No
Do you have videos you want to include on your site?
Yes    No

Branding Information
Do you have a logo you want to use on the site?
Yes    No
What colors represent your brand or what colors would you like to use as the main colors of your site?
If you have a tagline, slogan or motto you wish to include, enter it here:
What should your site's key features be?
What are the ages / demographics of your target audiance?

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