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Dynamics Fitness Mobile Punch Card App   
Introduction to App - Splash Screen
We worked on this project with Pinscher Designs for the end client, Dynamics Fitness in Maine. Pinscher Designs worked with the client to come up with mockups we used as a guide when creating the screens.

The client, Dynamics Fitness had been using a paper trail process to keep track of classes and the participants in those classes. Gym goers could purchuse a number of classes at a time and enjoy a discount. Or they could pay for classes with cash. The system to keep track of classes used on the 'pre-purchase' plan was called, "punch cards" - similar to the old school lunch punch cards. This system was pron to errors at many steps of the process. The owner of Dynamics Fitness approched us with an idea that would solve the punch card system headaches.

The owner's original criteria / functionality:
  • Track the number of participants in each class (trainers are paid according to the number of participants).
  • Accurately track the punches used by the participants.
  • Give trainers a way to print the list of participants for their classes, including how each participant paid.
  • Have a way to view and print reports based on the information collected by the app.
Later the owner wanted to add the ability to:
  • Provide a way of new gym goers to become members - completing a membership and waiver form through the app.
  • Allow memebers to purches more punches through the app.
  • Give trainers a way to do 'roll call' using the app.
  • And manage classes using the app, including creating and deleting classes.

Member Area
The member area of the app includes a sign in section, a punch card purchuse section and a section for new gym goers to become members.

This app is only available in the Dynamics Fitness gym locations. So members are provided with an area on the Dynamics Fitness website that allows them to securely login, check their punch card usage and purchuse additional punches. Members can also change profile and account data (for example, passwords). All the information is instantly synched between the app and the website.

For more screen shots and a more detailed explaination of this section, please click here. (This will open a new window or tab).

Member Area Screen Shot 1
Auto-complete is used throughout the app.
Member Area Screen Shot 2
The sign in confirmation page also shows punch use summary.

Trainer Area
Dynamics Fitness Screen Shot Trainer This is a password protected area of the application for trainers. In this area trainers can view and print lists of all participants in their classes. Trainers can also add participants from classes here.

To allow for quick search, trainers can view their current class, all of the classes they are leading that day, or choose a day with a popup calendar.

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Trainer Area Screen Shot 1
The trainer may choose a class date using this pop up calendar.
Trainer Area Screen Shot 2
A list of class participants for the date chosen.

Administrator Area
In this password protected area, the administrator(s) can manage all parts of the app, as well as generate reports and export data for use in spreadsheet applications.

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Admin Area Screen Shot 1
The pop up that allows the administrator to edit class information.
Admin Area Screen Shot 2
Main page for selecting report type and criteria.
Dynamics Fitness Screen Shot Admin